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    Group set up under the Ministry of storage security, will further the implementation of resource strategy, market strategy and international strategy, adhering to safety, quality, convenience, win-win business philosophy, the goal is to build the company in 2020 the company become the leading integrated international energy the company.
    Currently has a pool of oil in the country two, with a total storage capacity of more than six million cubic meters. Group repository are equipped with excellent port, a dedicated railway line and convenient transportation network of highways, with water unloading, rail loading and unloading, storage, transmission and transfer, highway transceiver, waterways transceiver and other functions, is set petrochemical finished products wholesale , was converted to an integrated petrochemical logistics center.
    Storage Security Department has established a set of sound regulatory regimes in the security management, enterprise management, human resources management formed a set of effective management mechanism. On the security management, the company always adhere to the "safety first, prevention, layers of responsibility, responsibility to the people" approach, establish a sound safety management system standard, the full implementation of safe production responsibility system.
    In business management, the Group by strengthening internal management, improve operational efficiency. As China's oil market gradually with the international market, with reference to international and domestic advanced management mode, absorb advanced management experience, recruitment, introduction, training a group of high-quality management personnel, to develop a set of sound system, and further strengthened the equipment, standard measurement, security, on-site, warehousing and other aspects of management, and standardize the marketing process in every aspect, and a reasonable set organization, step by step to establish an efficient, standardized management system, implementation of scientific management, to enable enterprises facing react quickly to market changes, and continue to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.
    In human resources management, we adhere to the "people-oriented" scientific concept of development, the use of "Please come in, send out" approach to training a number of high-quality management personnel. Combined with the company's own development requirements, added to various positions through the introduction and recruitment from universities. The introduction of external talent, focus on discovering and developing internal talent. Employees regularly carry out internal study, to hire experts for staff services, fire protection, safety knowledge training; sending young cadres to institutions of higher learning to pursue advanced studies and improve the overall quality of staff, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
    The Group will continue to improve service, product quality, expanding the visibility and market share, the formation of eastern Liaoning Province as the center, radiation Northeast China Northeast Asia and the whole range of services to enable companies in the region of visibility and market share dramatically increase. Contribute to local economic development