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    Dangerous Goods Logistics is the logistics of a particular commodity, the logistics industry in a particular part of a relatively ordinary logistics, the logistics of dangerous goods need more comprehensive, accurate and reliable information management and control.

    Group consists of wholly-owned subsidiary of Liaoning thanks source Logistics Co., have their own independent cargo transportation force, with the relevant national transport of dangerous goods qualification. Companies actively promote the modern enterprise management mode, close sales, warehousing, transportation train, strive to provide product sales, integrated logistics services.

    Liaoning thanks source existing dangerous goods vehicles 55, CNG (compressed natural gas) truck 28, transport of dangerous goods road employing more than 100 people. Company managers and relevant employees possess knowledge of professional transport of dangerous goods and, if necessary dangerous goods transportation industry, through pre-job training, examination to obtain the corresponding qualifications municipal road transport granted by the competent authorities. The company's transport vehicles, install all GPS satellites and surveillance systems, real-time monitoring of vehicle dynamics, a better solution to the feedback and vehicle scheduling flexibility, but also to ensure the safety of the transport of goods.

    Liaoning thanks source of "integrity is the root, pragmatic-based" business philosophy for many years with reliable fuel quality, the exact number of arrival, safe and efficient transportation security, has won the trust of a wide range of cooperative enterprises, but also many wholesale, retailers have established a good reputation, has become the region advertised in similar enterprises.

    Development is the eternal theme. Companies adhering to the "good faith, hand in hand, the first fight" cultural ideas, to create wealth for the community, create opportunities for staff, to create customer benefits, get returns for investors, Liaoning win thanks source development, continue to deepen the reform of property rights, further develop the reform first-mover advantage, and strive to become the Northeast region has a certain influence on the enterprise group