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  The chemical industry is one of the basic industries of the national economy is closely related to the national economy and people's lives in various fields, China's chemical industry has been national attention. After 50 years of development, China has formed a complete range of basic chemical industrial system can adapt to the national economy and the development of related industries. Since the ...
  Dangerous Goods Logistics is the logistics of a particular commodity, the logistics industry in a particular part of a relatively ...
  Group set up under the Ministry of storage security, will further the implementation of resource strategy, market strategy and ...
  With the rapid development of market economy, "sell themselves" era has passed. Enterprises not only need high-quality products as a prerequisite, but also need to have good marketing tool as well as efficient execution and integrity-based business philosophy, to a place in the fierce competition in the market. Enterprises in order to achieve long-term development... Detail>>